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"Regarding ASPD: The cerebellum is closer to that of a monkey brain than of a human, which our human cerebellum and capacity for empathy is actually what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom and where our moral judgments are made. There is a reason this ‘infection' exists and is everywhere.
I believe bipolar disorder is directly linked to lying for example and changes your brain chemistry (how your brain and (geno/pheno-type) predispositions come in to play with the dynamics of the brain depends what flavor of neurosis come out). There is a flow of the universe that goes through you, and this goes off kilter when you go against this flow, i.e. lying. Your brain chemistry changes as it's not right and things break down. The Torah has something what I refer to as a shield, Klippah, where if it's thick you cannot hear God's nor your godly light radiant. If it's clear and God's word is heard where you flow with the beautiful universe.

No matter what personality disorder, we all have the power to heal ourselves by tapping into the universe/God/Yahweh/Quanta/(et al.), as well as having the freewill to choose and do so. Teshuvah or penance is part of this healing process.

Bottom line, no one is making anyone lie/kill/rape, we're not speaking of self-preservation, we're speaking pathological and making the choice to do heinous acts, whom need to be accountable for their actions and not enable them.

Then always being consumed by ego with your agenda, you create your own suffering, especially when your dumbass thinks you're smarter than everyone else because you're a scheming parasitic less than kitty poop piece of horse plop. Lying, denying, as to manipulate your own tainted reality in one's delusional mind, where the lying and denying become excuses to justify their righteous behavior. Usually sociopaths have no balls, so the narcissistic disorder and being a zealot must have played a righteous bravado part in actually executing and carrying out their tasks (Merah and Breivik). The more you lie, kill, beat, I believe the more you fall into a schema and go into a neural vortex, a slippery slope perhaps, becoming desensitized and less human yourself. Lie to yourself where you are warm enough with your blanket of denial. so the more you ignore the flow of the universe as your Klippah grows thicker, your brain goes from human to monkey (a bad monkey). These two cases "fanaticism" was involved as well, where they worshipped the religion, a false idol, and not God, in both cases, hence fanaticism.

DNA there is no guaranteed roadmap, yes there are predispositions, but after you read ‘Tunnel Vision' you will think, gosh dang, via con dios, and you know something, you'll be okay. It's the lying and denial that what I call, the folks whom CHOOSE to be infected, do this to themselves and parasite off of others. I believe it's a choice and they very much need to be held accountable for their actions.

I'm objectified every day, it's a very misogynistic (et al.) world; just yesterday BID patrol allowed an assailant to flee with tape, 2 charges of assault, hate speech, etc. It's a dangerous world, especially for women, E. congo, recent news in Uganda, Darfur, and most of all, the USA. This is recorded in my book "Tunnel Vision" where I also breakdown the socioeconomic strategies during a transformation and journey. Everyday I'm exposed to the ‘infected' and their parasitic as well as enabled behavior by the autorities, is really the problem in the world. The hating and expectation that there is some hierarchy with women, black/white, gay, etc. Hitler saw the Jews as less than human, de-humanized as to justify violence against them (a religious war btw) where women are de-humanized, objectified, deemed from the delusionaly, denying, lying and infected as to justify oppressed, repressed, suppressed treatment of women, de-humanizing to justify their violence and excuse their behavior. They do have a choice. Just like bid had one and they chose to enable a violent women-hating, white-hating and lesbian man that had several class A misdemeanors with plenty of cameras and witnesses. This is the world I live in, how you doin.'

So in some way to we all learn to be fascist, lie, demonize and play the victim, because that seems to be the status quo amongst men. I've an x-security guy that got fired from the village (glb center) 6 months ago and he was pointing at me slandering me and playing the victim to the other security gurards. I couldn't help but to wonder if they were enabling him, then I let the computer guy know at the center I would knock his teeth out if he approached and/or harassed me. Btw, working on a harassment referendum as they don't have this as a statute in California.

Perhaps if we did have a helping place/aka prison to rehabilitate that wasn't ran by venture capitalists making them rich instead of a state funded prison, (in CA it's 45k/yr/head) they figured out a way to make slavery legal (more on this in "tunnel vision") and wow what a different motivation to arrest people. I wish we were more advanced and capable of altruism, but the same people that killed those children, are the same socio/psycho (aspd) paths that are running the show. I would love to have a place of rehab that actually helped the folks whom needed it. Where I didn't hear about the in-patient autistic being raped repeatedly because he was too detached to talk about it, or the kid in my human relations class at the U of IA telling the professor how he gets off on abusing the elderly that he works with at a old people hospital, interesting what becomes the status quo isn't it? In E Congo 1100 women are raped daily and the civilian sector is now okiedoikie with rape, besides the US's 1/6 stat, but Roger Williams U (RI), if no consequence 1/3 men in college admitted willing to rape). I would love to have a safe place where there are safe people and people actually do get help, but we don't have that system. We have dysfunctional and neurotic folks as the status quo, cps, uniformed officers, politicians, dpss, social workers, etc. Every entity is corrupt and klippahs are terribly thick. Problem may be a little bigger than you think and what is now the norm in our society, misogyny, where homophobia, actually a misnomer, homo-hating is derived from misogyny. All this in the most glorious book: "Tunnel Vision."

I don't believe it's a neurological disability nor be considered one unless one chooses to change, which again they can do on their own. I think it's a consequence when you throw away a beautiful thing called life and choose to be a parasite rather than a human being in life. I pray daily for the purge.
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