Democracy Violated: Response to "Artists' Ignorant use of the Swastika"

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Response to "Artists' Ignorant use of the Swastika"

While playing ketchup with the Jewish Journal, I found this article, which I believe needs to be addressed on several levels, since no one has the gonies to do it:

You admit that the swastika was originally a sign of peace.  You claim there is no way for anyone to bring it back.  Who are you to say no one can bring it back, or discredit its 12,000 year of history?

I understand your concern if it was a ‘hate' swastika or intended to propagate hate where hate speech/expression isn't covered by our 1st amendment of our constitution.  More particularly a black "Nazi" swastika w/45 degree angle with a white encompassing disk and red borders (red, white and black were colors of the old German Empire's (2nd Reich) flag).  However, you're not specifying a Nazi swastika (1935-45); you're saying all swastikas, which violate any artists' right of their freedom of expression. You're suggesting that all folks affected by the Nazi holocaust are offended by any and all swastikas regardless of its 12,000 year old history of peace and prosperity used culturally throughout the world.  I believe you may have self-projected your own ignorance and depends on how the swastika is used.

Remember the people whom mobilized are also the ones that made Hitler's fantasy a reality.  He did it in the name of God, a chosen people (white supremacy), were victims and to demonize an internal/external enemy, the communists, and the Jews whose fault was the loss of WW1 as Hitler claimed and started the hysteria of anti-Semitic under misinformation.  Jews also supported Mussolini for 16 years before Italy decided to be anti-Semitic.  Fascism starts with a democracy and then taking your god-given and human right of the 1st amendment away.  Perhaps you and Hitler have a little more in common than you may think.  I ask you to be careful and fair and not to propagate the same hate and/or censorship unless warranted and with basis young sir.  Misinformation, especially with such a purposeful ignorant mass, is terribly dangerous. 

Have we learned nothing except to be victims from our history?  Have you folks checked out the Balkans, Syria, and hey, there's a "War on women" too (E. Congo, Darfur, every time I walk on the street).  So are we caught up on the superficial symbol of fascism (that undoubedly has an a brief evil history), or are we willing to 'Stand Up' for human rights across the board.  Me, you, lesbians, muslims, jews, black, white, even pretty Palestinian women.  We all have a right don't we?  Until women in particular are treated fairly, this world will never know peace.

Tell you what, I"ve kicked some nazis ass in Iowa, 1 had 'Aryan brotherhood nation' tatoo.  See I'm hated too, as a female and as a lesbian (well that's with 97% of men) but I'm strong, and regardless when there was a nazi swastika hung up, there were problems, because I made a huge stink about it.  Some flags came down, some nazis went down.  I almost killed one once, and realized it was the same hate I had for him that he did for me, except I'm awesome and he wasn't worth prison.

I ask you, to "Stand Up", yes for your ancestors and acknowledge their pain and how the Jews are a very strong people and are here to stay.  Please remember, we're all children of God (and I've got him to laugh before, so he likes me) and to be as educated in our history so no one, jew, or non-jew, never has to experience this abomination, holocaust, genocide, fascism ever again.  Let our holocaust sister and brothers be our last and allow them their generativity of knowledge to pass onto us.  Know that my heart and respect for them, (including the ones that tolerate me) mean more than you could ever know.

I'd like to think we all want the same thing, peace and prosperity, to go with God, or the quanta.  I certainly don't want my democratic freedoms and human rights violated, nor anyone elses' because you equivalate Nazi (hating) swastika to the peaceful ones that are clearly different.  Your solution is a disturbing one when you look at history a little more unequivocally.  What about educating the artist, or rather being open enough to listen and learn about what message and intent the artist is expressing?  Hell (excuse the cute Catholic pun) maybe it's a Jewish artist telling an underdog story. 

Without our 1st amendment rights, Democracy does not exist and fascism is possible.  So Stand up for women and gays, and equal right across the board.  Do female Rabbis have smaller closets than the male rabbis?  Stand up against the war on women, I've stood up, and will continue to do so.

Remember 12,000 years to go towards the sun or God, truth, divine law, eternal time, luck, prosperity and success throughout Hindu and Buddhists alike, from the Ukraine, to the Navajo, to the Mayan, Japanese, Chinese, Ireland, Latvia!  Vikings, Druids, antiquity, iron and bronze ages, even some Hebrew word, àåÉø, or "light".

Btw, some of my fave jews since we're listing are Ayn Rand, Einstein (read rebel lives), and Siouxsie (from Siouxsie & the Banshees) and Dr. Terence Krell, my late mentor.

DeeAnna Blette"


An unusual swastika, composed of the Hebrew letters Aleph and Resh, appears in the 18th century Kabbalistic work "Parashat Eliezer" by Rabbi Eliezer Fischl of Strizhov, a commentary on the obscure ancient eschatological book "Karnayim", ascribed to Rabbi Aharon of Kardina. The symbol is enclosed by a circle and surrounded by a cyclic hymn in Aramaic. The hymn, which refers explicitly to the power of the Sun, as well as the shape of the symbol, shows strong solar symbolism. According to the book, this mandala-like symbol is meant to help a mystic to contemplate on the cyclic nature and structure of the Universe. The letters are the initial and final characters of the Hebrew word, àåÉø, or "light".