Building a Bridge - Disband & Rebuild LAPD

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Building a Bridge

I sent LAPPL (Los Angeles Protective Police League) an email about making the community safer after they asked folks they solicited for suggestions. This is an derivative of that letter. I'm concerned about checks and balances in our community, on-looking and the lack of trust with police in our community.

In order to weed out defunct officers I believe setting higher standards for the police department is necessary and good character building; to name a few, the corrupt, sociopaths hiding in uniform (rape, pathological liars, even murder), harassment of good folks, being above the law and abuse of power, let alone retaliation tactics, rather than ‘to protect and serve' and be part of the solution. These are a few of the reasons that the community may not trust the police. Bottom line, corrupt and defunct officers give good officers whom can afford words like integrity and honor, a bad reputation and hence the mistrust from the community. WE DON'T TRUST YOU because of your poor decision making to entrust defunct officers with this power that abuse the hell out of it. Really think about it, when an officer abuses his authority, what do you do? Call the police?

The police department has to acknowledge that there is a problem with a lack of trust amongst the community and address their defunct police officers. We must find a solution to work together in unison as to make OUR neighborhoods safer. Unfortunately the police and DA's office have dropped the ball on several occasions, which includes, but not limited to misogyny, violence against women, and lack of standard operating procedures (SOPs), as well as acting more like a 'police state' where the recent Emily Good case is an unequivocal example. (Will send original LAPPL letter with references upon request, also more of this in my book "Tunnel Vision" that's currently underway). Then again the DA has his hands full with the allegations of corruption and cover ups from his former employee, now whistle-blower. It's so hopeless when you have every entity corrupt; We have to work together to quality assure that our communities are safer from perpetrators, whatever uniform they're wearing.

Perhaps implementing a "Community Board" as to offer checks and balances with city council, as they're not on the same page with the people anymore and it's up to us, isn't it,? Or did we give all of our rights away? As a veteran, I'm not willing to do that. I would also like to have a say whom is hired as a police officer in my community as well as whom is promoted, power would be approved/rejected by the "Community Board." We can get funding for this and the power would be shifted to the PEOPLE, again, since we can no longer trust certain entities in our community.

Perhaps implementing a higher standard of training, for example in Navy Seal training, the ego is diminished when you are cold, wet, naked, with no sleep and hungry for several days. You get REAL honest with yourself and ask yourself why you're doing this. It's character and honor, truly wanting to make the community a better place will be the only thing that propels you to do good and persevere, not for abuse of power and being a no-backbone bully defunct sociopath that eeked and hid in uniform. These guys shouldn't even come close to passing LAPD's criteria for being an officer, it's because it's laxed. You need to break down the ego and rebuild, the police have done this inadequately. I EXPECT MORE.

Perhaps some of the officers or somewhere along the chain of command they forgot why they do this; here's a reminder: It's an honor to lead and be a role model in your community, "To Protect and Serve" and have the opportunity and be a part of something greater than yourself. Not be some parasitic, hiding behind uniform, squeek by sociopathic, misogynistic, fascist bad-head-wired dude. What the hell are you doing in uniform? I would like to think the ethical/honorable officers would too, want the defunct purged.

1/2500 (reference) actual rapes ends up in a conviction (less than 2% reported, of that 2%, only 2% end up in a conviction). Misogynistic, fascist, and sociopathy seems to be the status quo. I'm asking the community to do their part, if you see anything wrong you don't onlook, get involved and Wake Up! If you choose to keep your head in the sand, you will wake up in a police state. Like everyone, the police are quite flawed and sometimes they need an alpha nudge from the community to get their poop in one sock. Get your poop in one sock! Things do not go away because the proverbial 'they' fix it, 'they' are screwing it up. Please grab that virtue by its horns and care about your community by not on-looking and getting involved. We chose the way we want the world to be, please don't forget that. Live Free or Die! (Stark)

I'd like to leave you with a quote:

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." - Albert Einstein






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